Dog Toys and T-Shirts: Why Marketing & Branding Matters

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White t-shirts are a staple of any person’s wardrobe. They’re plain yet crucial to daily life. Everyone has at least two. When thinking about getting a plain white t-shirt, if you’re a guy, you likely think of Hanes brand, first, Fruit of the Loom second. If you’re a woman, you likely think of Gap, now with Target bringing up the also ran place.

It’s interesting, just about every single brand or designer makes a plain white t-shirt, but those brands are what we immediately go to when considering them.

Now, you may not BUY those brands when shopping. Opportunistically, there are thousands of brands and sublte style selections to choose from, from fabrics, cut, weight, and price. In fact, of all the plain white T’s you have in your collection, you might not even have any of those brands, but they’re what we first think of.


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